Rhythm In Motion - "Best Little Dance
Private Lessons
Private lessons are absolutely the most efficient way to learn ballroom dancing.  One-on-one instruction between a professional instructor and student is the QUICKEST way to produce results! 
At Rhythm In Motion, we believe in "training" people to dance, not just teaching them to dance.  We achieve this training by sharing, showing and providing.
   ~ Sharing our knowledge through instruction.
   ~ Showing, by example, how to put that knowledge into action.
   ~ Providing an atmosphere for you to practice what you have learned.
partner showcase exhibition Not everyone learns the same way, so your teacher will find the most suitable method to train you in the dances YOU want to learn and at YOUR own pace. 
Private lessons are perfect for individuals or couples who want to learn the art of Ballroom Dancing under the guidance of your Rhythm In Motion instructor.
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Lessons are 45 minutes 
Appointments are available from
4-9 PM Monday thru Friday
$60 per lesson (individual or couple)
PACKAGES available at lower rates.


  Gift Certificates are available.  
  Please contact tkellum@zoomtown.com or 513.688.1662 for details.

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