Rhythm In Motion - "Best Little Dance House in Cincy"
                                 Your Wedding Day...                  
The wedding was beautiful, vows have been exchanged, rings are in place, and now...your first dance as husband & wife! It has to be as special as the rest of the day has been and we can help make that dream come true.
Rhythm In Motion knows that it takes more than just a few dance lessons to make sure that all the details of your "Special Dance" are covered.  From your first lesson to the day you walk on to the floor as a married couple, we are with you every "step" of the way.
We offer two Wedding Packages:  The Basic and The Deluxe
wedding dance for bride & groom first  

    The Basic

Music Consultation:  
On your first lesson, we help you determine the 
type of dance that will match the special song you have chosen. We will discuss the ambiance you 
want at your reception (romantic, flirty, fun...),  
get a feel for your individual personalities, then we can make a clear decision on the type of dance that would best suit you.

Dance Instruction:
Immediately we begin teaching you the 
dance you have chosen. We guarantee 
you will be dancing by the end of your first lesson! It is very important to get a good 
base knowledge of your dance, not just a choreographed routine.  This will enable 
you to use your dancing in other settings, 
not just at your wedding. 
We choreograph a special opening for your song, teach  you a combination of basic 
steps for the dance you have chosen, freshen your slow dancing by showing you new patterns and rhythms, and all is topped off with a grand ending!
The Basic Package ~ $275
(5 Private Lessons)

The Deluxe

Music Consultation:
Same as Basic
Dance Instruction:
In addition to the basic package, we will also
introduce  you to Swing. This will allow you
to learn an additional dance so you will
enjoy dancing to the fast songs at your 

This package is for the couple that want a  fully choreographed routine. From the opening note to the finale´ you will dazzle your family & friends. This is more of a commitment, but very rewarding!

           The Deluxe Package ~ $500
                (10 Private Lessons)

Call or email Rhythm In Motion today to start on your special dance!
513.688.1662 ~ tkellum@zoomtown.com 

More Ideas
Group classes would be a great gift idea for your bridal party so they can join in on the fun 
at the reception. It is always fun to take group classes with your friends and imagine 
how exciting to have your entire bridal party "Swinging" out on the dance floor!  
(Group prices differ from above.)
And don't forget the PARENTS for the ever important Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dance.

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